Our Journey

“Absent imagination and artistic vision, we are blind to the wonders of creation.” – David Allio

Now a registered Non Profit Organization (Reg. No. TVM/TC/857) for Better Photography and Better World, it all began when we started a Facebook page on 2nd June 2011 to encourage beginners in Photography. To inspire and to evoke budding photographers and Amateurs is one of our goals. “A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into”, goes a saying: to erase the ‘SELDOM’ is our next goal.

The search for an apt and different name ended up in an Italian word ‘IMMAGINE’, meaning IMAGE or photograph in Italian language. In a world of “Survival of the Fittest” anything needs publicity to sustain and to let know of others of its presence. Limelight serves this purpose! So does our Page. Her limelight is uploading and tagging the photos we received on our page wall, Fans, we call them Immaginers, across the world, contests at regular intervals, TOP TRIO to every contest with great publicity, mega contest for Top Trios of last twelve contests to win attractive prizes, judgment by eminent personalities in the field of Photography, foTO TOur, an album of 12 pictures to know a place, interview with eminent photographers in various genres, an album called CLASS ROOM to share photography lessons we all know, albums of many interesting categories, and more to come. We have organized workshops for budding photographers and exhibitions of Top Trios and Special Mentioned photographs of our online contests; the same has been featured on various leading National dailies and online portals.

Success can be tasted in different ways and we tasted it by the warm cooperation of our fans, each promoting the page in their own way in return of our promotion of their Art. Achieving such milestones do make one get carried away but then we are reminded of Frosts’ Golden words,
“The woods are Lovely dark and Deep
But I have promises to keep
And Miles to go before I sleep
And Miles to go before I sleep.”

Our journey continues in the hope of achieving more milestones…We know it’s just a beginning and we have miles to go. If this humble effort can encourage even a single photography enthusiast, we would be delighted on seeing our efforts yielding fruit in others. Our journey continues in the hope that we will keep on receiving your ever warm cooperation as long as the Arts last.

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